AppTech is a full-service software development company providing excellent consulting, development, and support services to successful companies around the world. We believe that information technology can provide an amazing competitive edge in almost any field. But we have seen first-hand that poorly managed technology investments can easily lead to frustrated teams, disappointing returns, and costly budget overruns. Our professional services are designed to help you get your IT projects on track again.

We are the doctors, plumbers, and maintenance professionals of the IT Industry... 


IT Healthcare Services

Has your IT project fallen ill? Our IT advisors will diagnose the problem and prescribe and administer the correct remedy to restore full health.

Every AppTech advisor is a seasoned IT professional with a minimum of 20 years of relevant experience in the technology field. We thrive on applying that experience to help our clients solve the most difficult problems to maximize the return on all of their IT investments.

We offer a full slate of innovative, honest, eye opening services such as ROI Analysis, Project Rehabilitation, and even an IT Liaison Service for your Board of Directors.

"We help you see it clearly so you can manage it effectively!"


IT Plumbing Services

Is your project pipeline backed up? Or do you have a project that is just stuck? Let us help bring relief to your backlog. With our fixed rate, no non-sense, no hand-holding work authorizations, you will be pleasantly surprised at how fast our project teams can help you get things moving again!

Whether you need a stand-alone, self-directed team to knock out your list of backlogged projects in record time, or a few expert developers and designers to dovetail with your existing team, AppTech is here to help you get your development projects into production.

“If you can dream it, we can build it!”


IT Maintenance Services

Are you absolutely sure that your database backups are working properly? Does your current IT staff know exactly what to do if disaster strikes? Do these questions keep you up at night? With AppTech watching your systems, you can rest assured that no matter what happens today, you will still be able to operate tomorrow.

AppTech offers a full slate of software support services. You no longer have to look overseas for reasonably priced, 24x7 support of your systems. Our software support teams are 100% USA based with a staggering 0% turn-over rate! We have shifts covering every hour of every day on the calendar.

“We stay up all night so you don’t have to!”




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